All these stupid perfect pretty girls with their stupid perfect faces

I hate this. I hate feeling so insecure and so ugly compared to these girls.

It’s like one day I tell myself “no you’re not ugly, you’re decent.” And then I see these girls who look pretty close to flawless, and I fall apart inside.

And I think about everything he tells me…how he thinks I’m the most beautiful girl in the world. He tells me I’m perfect and when he tells me that, I start to believe it. It makes me feel so wonderful.

But I need more than that. I’m sorry, but your words alone can’t heal this heart. I need to believe that God made me beautiful. I’m fearfully and wonderfully made, or so I’m told that’s what I’m supposed to believe.

I love you with all my heart, and I will always run to you, but I can’t just run to you anymore.

I need God.


Wait wait wait WHAT IS THIS

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Landscapes, 2014 | by Anthony Samaniego

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underrated disney characters: nani and lilo pelekai 

you like me better as a sister than a rabbit, right?”

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I’m a mess

And there is no one who seems to be able to save me.


vintage blog


vintage blog

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full house without michelle is so weird to me and not because it’s flawlessly edited to make it more sinister and funny but because modern video editing allows people to remove a character from a tv show completely without seams 


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I wish I was interesting enough for people to bombard me with questions